This library provides parsers and utility functions for the BibTeX files .bib. The core of the library is a C++ version of the parser compiled as a library named libxdkparsers.

Moreover, there will soon be standalone Python and Java versions that do no need the compiled C++ library.

The long term goal is to replace the bibtex program and its associated BST language for style files by a more recent and powerful scripting language (such a Python, Ruby, Php, Perl...) or by Java. The other goal is to allow easy writing of BibTeX related tools such as converters to other format. Note that an alternative to this library is to convert bibtex files to XML using for example the bibutils and then to work with XML (for which many tools exist in almost all programming language). Note also that pybliographer also offer a bibtex parser for Python. I have not however tested yet the robustness of the parsers for these two alternatives (i.e. compliance to the strict bibtex file format which is rather subtle, see "A summary of BibTeX").

The release version is 1.0.4 of 24 Jan 2007 and you can see the Change Log.

Download & Installation

I have not tested any other platform than Linux. If you try on another platform and come out with patch/suggestions/instructions, please let me know so that I can add it.

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The C++ Library

Browse the documentation generated by Doxygen to discover the class and their use. Note that I do have to improve the doc. It is an on going process.