Gilles Debunne

Gilles Debunne


Research themes

Since 2005, I'm on a sabbatical working for an intranet software development company.

Recent publications

Here are my last publications. See also the complete list and the associated image gallery.
Publications in 2004
Technical Report RR-5136, INRIA, Number RR-5136 - March 2004
Publications in 2003

Proceedings of the Eurographics Symposium on Rendering - 2003



QGLViewer     QGLViewer, a 3D viewer based on OpenGL and Qt.
Permits the fast development of new 3D visualization applications.
Provides many useful features : screenshots, frame rate, camera paths...
X3D X3DTk, a 3D model processing library based on the X3D format.
A library that loads, displays and allows for manipulation and filtering of X3D models.
Basilic Basilic, scientific publications server using the web.
Automates the diffusion of lab's publications via a generated up-to-date web site.
Qdu Qdu, Graphical Disk Usage.
Clean your account, remove large files easily.
Apply Apply, perl script which allows you to apply the same command to several files.

Curriculum Vitae