The `globillum' mailing list

The `globillum' mailing list is an electronic discussion forum focusing on all issues raised by the computer simulation of `global illumination' effects.
The mailing list was created by Greg Ward in 1989, and subsequently managed by Paul Heckbert. It is currently managed by François X. Sillion

All comments and contributions are welcome !

What is global illumination anyway?

`Global Illumination' is the term used to describe the inter-reflection effets taking place between a collection of radiating objects. It is often contrasted to 'local illumination', that is the computation of the reflected radiance on a surface due to a single light source.

Who should join?

The mailing list is intended mainly for the discussion of research issues in global illumination. Most members are either students or work in academic institutions, but there are no access restrictions. Be warned however that many threads deal with academic issues such as focused conferences or workshops.

How can I subscribe?

Send E-mail to, clearly indicating your affiliation and a one or two-line description of your interests in global illumination. Note that this is not an automated service, but a real person at the end of the line!

If you have subscribed to the list, you should have received the address of a more complete page, giving you access to all previous discussions on the list.