Dead-line April 22nd 2005

Postdoc position in Non Photorealistic Rendering (NPR)

MIRO: Methods for the legible and Interactive Rendering Of 3D complex data

18 months in France in two INRIA labs during 2005-2006:
- 12 months in ARTIS/GRAVIR  in Grenoble
- 6 months in IPARLA  in Bordeaux            
Salary : 1796 euros (after taxes) per month
Beginning: between March and June 2005
Gwenola Thomas (gthomas[at] and Joelle Thollot (Joelle.Thollot[at]

An important issue in NPR is depiction, that is, the extraction of characteristic features from 3D complex data. In this project, we are interested in using NPR for the interactive and legible rendering of complex 3D scenes. Many examples in scientific visualization prove that photorealism does not always offer meaningful images. For example in medical books, the representation of organs is more frequently based on sketches and annotations than on photographs.
State of the art rendering techniques do not offer suited tools for perceptually effective, legible rendering of complex data.

Researchers in the ARTIS and IPARLA projects are working on these topics, in the context of archeology, museography, medical simulation, all applications that require specialized visualizations.
This postdoc position is part of a collaboration project between ARTIS and IPARLA, with associated partners interested in those applications:
- Archeology: ISTI (Pisa, Italy), AUSONIUS (Bordeaux, France), 
- Perception: Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives (Bordeaux, France),
- Museography, scientific visualization: Digisens SA (Annecy, France).

The postdoc will be involved is the different parts of this project:
Applicants with a Ph.D. are encouraged to submit a vitae as well as sample representative publications, and arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent directly to:
Gwenola Thomas (gthomas[at] and Joelle Thollot (Joelle.Thollot[at]