Kartic Subr


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Newton Fellow

Dept of Computer Science

University College London

Malet Place

London WC1E 6BT, UK

Ph: +44 20 7679 3876

I have moved from INRIA. I am now an Honorary Research Associate at the dept of Computer Science, University College London.

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I was a post-doc at INRIA, working with Cyril Soler and Nicolas Holzschuch. I am supposed to claim that I am a specialist in Monte Carlo sampling strategies applied to image synthesis. More recently, I pretend to be experimenting with processing images.

I obtained my Ph.D. at the University of California, Irvine in June, 2008 under the guidance of Jim Arvo. My dissertation explores the different sampling decisions that are made in Monte Carlo image synthesis and suggests improved techniques in certain contexts.

The first chapter of my dissertation contains a general introduction to Monte Carlo methods and applications in digital image synthesis.

I enjoy composing music and taking photographs in my spare time. Feel free to download and use them, but do acknowledge their source with a link to this website. My friends from way back probably know me as S.S., "With a C", Karthik or Tikku.


  • Feb 20: Our paper, Real-time rough refraction, was judged "best paper" at I3D 2011.
  • Jan 1: Moved to the dept of computer science at UCL as an Honorary Research Associate.
  • Dec 4: Our paper, Real-time rough refraction, was accepted at I3D 2011.
  • Sep 1: I have received the Newton International Fellowship, competing with researchers in natural/social sciences, engineering and humanities.
  • March 5: Traced back my academic genealogy to the 18th century! Check it out!
  • Jan 24: Ajitha and I are thrilled. Our son Atreya was born.
  • Dec 25: The presentation slides for Our SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 paper are now available on my research page.
  • Dec 1: Our paper on approximating multiple scattering in heterogeneous scattering media was accepted at Eurographics 2010.
  • Sep 14: Our SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 paper is now available on my research page.
  • Aug 5: Presented our paper on depth of field at SIGGRAPH 09, New Orleans. Slides are here (ppt).
  • Aug 5: Our paper titled "Edge-preserving Multiscale Image Decomposition based on Local Extrema" was accepted at SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 (abstract on research page). Full paper, coming soon ...
  • Jun 06: ACM Transactions on Graphics 2009, Volume 28, Number 2 sports images from our paper on its cover! (Thanks Pierre and Thomas for pointing it out)
  • May 15: I plan to present our paper "Fourier Depth of Field" at SIGGRAPH in August 09.
  • Feb 19: I stumbled upon LuxRender, a pretty sophisticated open-source Monte Carlo rendering program that claims to produce statistically unbiased results. Installation on amd64-Ubuntu was a piece of cake. Worked straight out of the box to produce this sample rendering (~7000 samples per pixel in about 18 hours using 2 threads on my dual-core desktop). LuxBlend is an exporter plugin that allows integration of LuxRender into Blender. Quite cool. The documentation isn't much, but sufficient for experts.
  • Jan 30: Our "Fourier Depth of Field" paper was accepted for publication by TOG.
  • Jan 30: The pdf links to papers are now functional on my research page. Enjoy!
  • Nov 6: I found a C++ library for iterative solutions to linear systems which is compatible with SparseLib++. The documentation is non-existent. Check out this library.
  • Nov 5: I found a decent C++ library for sparse matrices. The documentation is worse than most but I only needed the library for basic stuff. Check out this library.
  • Oct 24: I did this today.
  • Oct 24: And I also did this today.


  • My academic genealogy yells "Hey! No pressure":
  • I wish greatness was inherited ;)

  • I've been curious about the whole left vs right brain theory. Not sure what to make of it, or results of tests online. Here's one that tried today.
    Brain Lateralization Test Results
    Right Brain (54%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
    Left Brain (50%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
    Are You Right or Left Brained?
    personality tests by similarminds.com
  • Check out the new flash music player on my music page!
  • Finally updated my photographs page!
  • Check out my music page!
  • Check out my research page!