m a i n p a g ep u b l i c a t i o n sg a l l e r ys o f t w a r ep e o p l e

style in line drawing rendering

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Non-Photorealistic styles are usually hard-coded in integrated software with access to a limited number of parameters, but they lack a flexible and formal specification framework. In contrast, the shading languages available in photorealistic renderers such as Pixar's RenderMan permit the design of an infinite variety of rich and complex appearances.
We are developing a flexible procedural approach to non-photorealistic style specification, focusing on pure line drawing as a first step. In our approach, style can be specified by implementing procedures that describe how the silhouettes and other feature lines from the 3D model should be turned into strokes. This will allow for a great variety of styles, including local stylistic variations within the drawing. The systems we are developing will then be used to explore depiction styles. We will borrow inspiration from the visual art, and we will implement in our systems procedures that imitate given example images.