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Wednesday 26 July
We are updating the results
WP1. Acquisition and modelling - Results
Friday 21 July 2006
Thursday 14 December 2006

Results of WP1. Acquisition and modelling

Deliverable Content Results
1.1 Acquisition/Calibration of the practical setup Cyber: hardware performance for real-time reconstruction
1.2 Extraction of primitives from images
1.3 Geometric Modelling Papers:
  •  MGB06a :“Extension de l’espace d’acquisition pour les méthodes de Shape From Silhouette”
  •  MGB06b: “Shape From Silhouette: Towards a Solution for Partial Visibility Problem”
  •  GS05: “Bayesian 3D Modeling from Images using Multiple Depth Maps”
  •  MGB05a: “Human model and pose Reconstruction from Multi-views”
  •  FMBR04: “A Distributed Approach for Real Time 3D Modeling”
  •  ABFMR04: “Marker-less Real Time 3D Modeling for Virtual Reality”
  •  HLS04: “A Real-Time System for Full Body Interaction with Virtual Worlds”
    Tech Repport:
  •  Geometric Modelling of the Virtual Human
  • 1.4 Photometric modelling and modelling of lighting
  •  BCSJ06: “Variational Shape and Reflectance Estimation under Changing Light and Viewpoints”