Robust Acquisition of 3D Informations from Short Image Sequences

Pacific Graphics - October 2002
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This paper addresses the problem of 3D reconstruction from a set of viewpoints on a short baseline. Its main contribution is the development of a robust algorithm which can extract 3D informations from a set of images taken with a very small baseline, even in the presence of significant occlusion. To achieve this goal, we use a multi-pass process that works layer by layer. In each pass we begin with a ``space carving'' step which is made robust through some morphological operations. Then we introduce an original technique to solve the ambiguity inherent to ``space carving'' in the case of short baseline. Once we have a voxel representation of the objects, we propose a method based on differential geometry to build a smooth mesh. Results are presented, demonstrating the efficiency and 63qusefulness of the method.

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