Dynamic Canvas for Immersive Non-Photorealistic Walkthroughs

Proc. Graphics Interface - june 2003
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The static background paper or canvas texture usually used for non-photorealistic animation greatly impedes the sensation of motion and results in a disturbing ``shower door'' effect. We present a method to animate the background canvas for non-photorealistic rendering animations and walkthroughs, which greatly improves the sensation of motion and 3D ``immersion''. The complex motion field induced by the 3D displacement is matched using purely 2D transformations. The motion field of forward translations is approximated using a 2D zoom in the texture, and camera rotation is approximated using 2D translation and rotation. A rolling-ball metaphor is introduced to match the instantaneous 3D motion with a 2D transformation. An infinite zoom in the texture is made possible by using a paper model based on multifrequency solid turbulence. Our results indicate a dramatic improvement over a static background.

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Donwload the source code. Compile using qmake ; make. It requires the libQGLViewer library.

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