Capture of Hair Geometry from Multiple Images

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of the SIGGRAPH conference) - August 2004
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Hair is a major feature of digital characters. Unfortunately, it has a complex geometry which challenges standard modeling tools. Some dedicated techniques exist, but creating a realistic hairstyle still takes hours. Complementary to user-driven methods, we here propose an image-based approach to capture the geometry of hair.

The novelty of this work is that we draw information from the scattering properties of the hair that are normally considered a hindrance. To do so, we analyze image sequences from a fixed camera with a moving light source. We first introduce a novel method to compute the image orientation of the hairs from their anisotropic behavior. This method is proven to subsume and extend existing work while improving accuracy. This image orientation is then raised into a 3D orientation by analyzing the light reflected by the hair fibers. This part relies on minimal assumptions that have been proven correct in previous work.

Finally, we show how to use several such image sequences to reconstruct the complete hair geometry of a real person. Results are shown to illustrate the fidelity of the captured geometry to the original hair. This technique paves the way for a new approach to digital hair generation.

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There is a technical appendix in addition to the main paper.

Download the movies and copy them in the same directory as the PPT file to get the full presentation.

The hairstyles shown in the article are available. Since we are interested in the use of our data, we would appreciate an e-mail with a description of your work. Feel free to contact us.

Some C++ code is available to help you to reproduce our work:

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