A dynamic drawing algorithm for interactive painterly rendering

SIGGRAPH '06: ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches, page 100 - aug 2006
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We present a new approach to create painterly renderings of an animated 3D scene, allowing a controllable trade-off between scene fidelity and stylistic design. Our approach extends and complements existing systems in order to ensure temporal coherence while maintaining consistent stroke density, and allowing a wide variety of stroke styles. It is based on a new dynamic painting algorithm which selects a suitable set of sample stroke locations based on an object-space hierarchy. Strokes are created at these locations, with attributes assigned using arbitrary stylistic choices: examples include scene-derived decisions such as having stroke orientation follow curvature or silhouette directions, or user-supplied constraints such as global orientation or thickness. Stroke rendering is then performed using appropriately filtered information from a set of G-buffers. We describe an improved stroke rendering technique which allows a faithful depiction of the scene while letting the user specify his prefered stroke style. All rendering is interactive and performed on the GPU.

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