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Marc Lapierre

»Curriculum Vitae


Computer graphics are fascinating me, overall real-time images with great visual effects.
I have the chance to work in this field for ten years, now in the ARTIS team in the very pleasant Grenoble town.
My recent works were dedicated to real-time 3D reconstruction and shadows (see Cyber project pages for more info).


Here's a list of my last papers:

Publications in 2006
Publications in 2005
Publications in 2004

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Curriculum Vitae

2001-2004: Engineer at INRIA Research Lab

  - working on real-time (soft) shadows
  - developping the CYBER project: your are shot by 4 cameras and then your body is embedded (and can interact) in real-time within a virtual world. It works on an mixed platform and performs at 30Hz video capture, background subtraction, network transmission, reconstruction, interaction and rendering.

1994-1999: Engineer at EDF Research Departement







Images / Movies
  - images and animations on Karnak, Saqqarah (Egypt) [a]
  - images on El-Jem amphitheater (Tunisia) [b]
  - 3D movie on the Cosquer cave, seen at Imagina 96 and in Paris (La Villette) (Explore/Performer on sgi) [c]
  - modelisation/images on Delphi site (Greece) [d]
  - 3D reconstruction of Ingapirca, the most important inca site of Ecuador - 3 month on site - production of a CD (Director, 3DSMax) [e]

  - internet web sites (java, coldfusion, php, mysql)
  - migration of a flight simulator application from IrisGL to OpenGL on sgi.
  - developement of a virtual reality application: navigation in nuclear plants and simulation of accidents (stereo images, 3D device...) on dVise/sgi. [f]

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