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The overall description of the system:
A physiological Plant Growth Simulation Engine Based on Accurate Radiant Energy Transfer .
Cyril Soler, Francois Sillion, Fr´déric Blaise, Philippe de Reffye.
INRIA Technical Report #4116, February 2001.
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The lighting simulation algorithm:
Hierarchical Instanciation for Radiosity.
Cyril Soler, Francois Sillion.
Eurographics Workshop on Rendering'2000, June 2000.
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See also the example page related to this work.
The following publications describe the plant growing model we used:
An Ecophysiological Model for Tree Growth and Tree Architecture
Ph. de Reffye, Th. Fourcaud, F. Blaise, D. Barthélémy, F. Houllier.
Workshop on Functional Structural Tree Models. Helsinki, 1996. Silva Fennica editions.
Plant models faithful to botanical structure and development
Ph. de Reffye, C. Edelin, J. Françon, M. Jaeger, C. Puech.
Computer Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 88) 22(4), p151-158.
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Simulation of the Growth of Plants, Modeling of Metamorphosis and Spatial Interactions in the Architecture and Development of Plants.
F. Blaise, J.F. Barczi, M. Jaeger, P. Dinouard, Ph. de Reffye.
Cyberworlds, 6, p81-109, T.L. Kuni and A. Luciani editors. Springer Verlag Tokyo 1988.