Dynamic Solid Textures for Real-Time Coherent Stylization

ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D), page 121-127 - february 2009
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Stylized rendering methods, which aim at depicting 3D scenes with 2D marks such as pigments or strokes, are often faced with temporal coherence issues when applied to dynamic scenes. These issues arise from the difficulty of having to satisfy two contrary goals: ensuring that the style marks follow 3D motions while preserving their 2D appearance. In this paper we describe a new texture based method for real-time temporally coherent stylization called dynamic textures. A dynamic texture is a standard texture mapped on the object and enriched with an infinite zoom mechanism. This simple and fast mechanism maintains quasi-constant size and density of texture elements in screen space for any distance from the camera. We show that these dynamic textures can be used in many stylization techniques, enforcing the 2D appearance of the style marks while preserving the accurate 3D motion of the depicted objects.

Although our infinite zoom technique can be used with both 2D or 3D textures, we focus in this paper on the 3D case (dynamic solid textures) which avoids the need for complex parameterizations of 3D surfaces. This makes dynamic textures easy to integrate in existing rendering pipelines with almost no loss in performance, as demonstrated by our implementation in a game rendering engine.

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Dynamic Solid Textures for Real-Time Coherent Stylization from Pierre Bénard.


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