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X3DToolKit is a portable LGPL free C++ toolkit for loading, displaying and processing X3D models (X3D is a new extensible 3D file format based on XML, supported by the web3d consortium. It should be the future 3D file format). X3DToolKit is developed since September 2002 and now supports most of the X3D standard.

This library is designed for 3D developers. Its main functionalities are :
  • Edition, parsing and processing the X3D scene graph using a powerful processor mechanism.
  • Translation of the scene meshes into a winged-edge topological data structure.
  • Support for seamless extension of the X3D language and the design of extended processors.
See the features page for an exhaustive list.

Some applications based on the library are also provided, such as X3DViewer and a mesh editor.

The library is available for Linux, Windows(.NET 2003 and Visual Studio 6) and Mac OS.

Latest News

  • August 27th, 2004 : Version 1.0.1 released. Features a better normal computation.
  • August 1st, 2004 : Version 1.0 released. Features automatic loading of nodes fields that simplifies the creation of new nodes and enables X3D routes.
  • June 2004 : Version 0.6 released. Mac OS X compilation successfully tested and Visual studio 6 portablity ensured. See the portability page.
See ChangeLog for details.

Demo applications

Several useful applications are provided by the library, such as an X3DViewer and a meshEditor. Non-developers might want to download the Windows X3D viewer application.

X3DViewer     X3DMeshEditor