SHOW Research Project

SHOW Research Project

This page describes the SHOW research project, a project of the French Ministry of Research program on Massive Datasets. SHOW is a joint research project between the ALICE research team (of LORIA), the ARTIS research team (of INRIA Rhone-Alpes), the IPARLA research team (of INRIA Futurs) and the REVES research team (of INRIA Sophia-Antipolis).

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Contact: François Sillion
INRIA Rhône-Alpes
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This proposal is inspired by the realization that digital 3D data is more and more pervasive, while being little or not structured at all. This stems from the various acquisition, digitization, or transformation processes undergone by such data. Therefore it is necessary to (re)create a structure, perhaps even a hierarchy, in this data, so as to allow a high quality (interactive or real- time) visual or audio restitution, adapted to the target application. Based on these facts we propose the following main directions for our research work:

The group of proposers brings together research teams at the forefront of research on digital geometry processing, the simplification or hierarchisation of 3D models, hierarchical visual or audio rendering, and non-photorealistic rendering.


Digital 3D data nowadays comes more and more from automated processes, be they digitization processes, digital reconstruction methods (from photographs), procedural models, interpolation or extrapolation of existing models (e.g. terrain models). However the complexity of these scenes requires efficient algorithms to process and visualize them, and sub-linear complexity can hardly be achieved when no structure is present. In this proposal we consider massive 3D data of different classes: large triangulated models, such as architectural or urban models; digitally sampled models, such as point clouds from 3D digitizers; digital audio data involving multiple audio sources in 3D models.

Let us now briefly review our research objectives:

For more information, you can look at the initial proposal, and the half-way report.


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